Valentines Day

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If you’re reading this on the day it goes out, it’s the day before Valentine’s Day, but even if you read this a few days from now, the message is timeless.

This year I am without an “official” Valentine. That is, a honey, sweetheart, partner, lover, … so, what’s a gal to do??!? Oh, my darlings, it’s really not so bad. In fact, I’ve already started to celebrate. There is the most beautiful bouquet of pale pink roses on a table in my boudoir. I spent at least 10 minutes surveying the floral selections until I found the bunch that truly called to me. Then, I perused the chocolate selection in our well-stocked grocery store. Dark chocolate with coconut, something I’ve loved since childhood, coyly waved at me from the shelf and I lovingly put it in my shopping cart.

imagesBut, wait – all of this started the weekend before when I attended an extravaganza in NYC hosted by one of my brilliant mentors, Mama Gena ( While there, I took special care to dress for the occasion: black lace, cashmere, and lots of pearls. I participated in this event because I knew I’d be surrounded by a bevy of Sister Goddesses and I was not disappointed. Dear friends from previous classes and many women new to the School of Womanly Arts held me throughout the two days. (Side note: if you’ve never taken a course with Mama Gena, head on over to her website and see what’s cooking.)

Back to my Valentine Indulgences … this past Friday I went to hear my sister’s boyfriend sing and play his guitar at a local club. When he asked me to get up and sing with him, I did and it was great fun. At the bar, I chose exactly the perfect red wine for the evening and the bartender ended up gifting it to me. I’m dating these days, playing the field, but mostly I’m practicing profound self-care … and this makes me a luscious Valentine on February 14 or any day. The best news of all – you can do it, too! Welcome to Sassy, Sensual Living.

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