Are You Smiling?

“If she’s smiling, I know all is right in the world. Her face is the sun in my life.”
Bridget McManus/comedienne

Did you know you could have that effect on others? Ms. McManus made that comment
about someone specific in her life however, we all light up when we see a smiling face. It’s
hard not to and we are drawn to smiles like bears to honey. If we see a frown, we’re not
sure we want to know why and we often avoid someone who looks upset. No matter what’s
going on with us, it sometimes feels like we just can’t take in their misery or troubles. Even
though it might make us feel guilty, we’ll avoid interaction at all cost.

On the other hand, when we see a smile, we want to know more. We’re curious, interested, hopeful, full of anticipation. There’s no bad news lurking behind a smile.

So, when you feel good, share it!

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