The Pleasure Intensive – Boston

Boston is an oasis in the desert,
a place where the larger proportion
of people are loving, rational and happy.
Julia Ward Howe

Hundreds of years ago, Boston was the place that the Colonists escaped to – the place they want to seek freedom and a new way of life. If you ask me, I would tell you they were seeking pleasure.

If you’re seeking your own freedom, looking for change, radical alteration, and restructuring, I invite you to The Boston Pleasure Intensive. Here, where so America’s history started, you’re about to re-write yours.

Think about it … it wasn’t called the “Boston Demonstration” when the colonists threw tea into the harbor in protest. It was the famous “Boston Tea Party”

Early Bostonians resented the taxes King George imposed upon them because it negatively impacted their fun factor (at least, that’s the way I see it!).

The Pleasure Intensive – Boston is perfect for you if:

  • You want to get unstuck and open the doors to the intimate connection you crave
  • You want to gracefully invite more pleasure into your life
  • You’re successful enough in your career but feel lonely, empty and have a pleasure deficiency
  • You’d love to awaken a greater confidence in who you are and what you’re really here to do by understanding what the next steps are for you in your life and business and have more fun in the process
  • You yearn to ignite your greatest freedom, style, and well-being by getting clear on how to live life from a pleasure perspective so you can receive, create, and experience what you really deserve
  • You are ready to learn how to receive (pleasure and more!) after years of only giving and feeling exhausted by it

This Boston Pleasure Intensive is NOT for you if:

  • You do not crave more pleasure in your life; you have more than enough pleasure and joy and you feel content
  • You’d rather let others dictate what your life should look like rather than lead your own
  • You prefer to create the life of your dreams all by yourself, on your own, just as you’ve been doing for so many years. (BTW, how’s that working out for you?!?)

2014 Dates:

  • February 7
  • February 11
  • February 12

I’m Barbara L. Cummings and I have found myself stuck more than once in my life. I’ve been married, divorced (wasn’t pretty), depressed, challenged, pleasure deficient and at my wits’ end

I’ve suffered from acute anxiety, overwhelm, and boredom and I’ve coped by overspending, overeating, and looking for others to “make me happy” (and, that’s just the half of it!)

Sound familiar?

My body and mind were constantly trying to get my attention and remind when I wasn’t being true to myself. At first I’d get gentle taps and if I ignored them, they turned into full-fledged whacks on the side of the head (or, so it felt)

Since I am a seeker, I “knew” a lot about living a better life, but that didn’t mean I would always do it. When I didn’t seek that out, I suffered, but even worse, everyone around me did, too.

I could help others and was often asked for advice. Finally, I started to take some of my own recommendations.

  • I surrounded myself with people who were living lives closely resembling what I wanted and who inspired me.
  • I chose mentors who held me accountable
  • I invested in myself both in time and money.
  • I got in touch with exactly what made me tick: pleasure, luxury, fun, wellness, connection, receiving, sensuality and sexual awakening, beauty.

Last year, I visited Paris twice, traveled to London, Rome, & Tuscany and made NYC my second home after my beloved Boston. This year I’ve signed up for tango lessons and I have a retreat planned in Italy in May. This is just beginning! I don’t say this to brag, rather, to show you want you can have, too.

Imagine having a whole day just for and about YOU, in a beautiful setting, in a vibrant city. Aren’t you worth it?!?

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This Intensive is full of VIP (Very Intense Pleasure) features:

  • Professionally-developed centering exercises you can learn to do anywhere
  • Simple solutions to stress less and have more fun
  • Personal attention to the specific areas of your life you want to improve upon – relationship, career and more Coaching on how to effortlessly up-level the areas of life you want to improve (business, style, travel, love, etc.)
  • A luxurious spa treatment
  • An elegant luncheon that will make you feel like a true VIP
  • Other frills and surprises!

These dates are filling fast – act now and throw New Year’s Resolutions out the door and start your own Pleasure Revolution. “If not now, when?”

Boston has been good to me. The freeing energy of this historic city has supported me into stepping fully into my independence, my vibrancy and my purpose as I have created a lifestyle I love.

I invite you to experience the same in this magical city, where you’ll be nurtured and inspired to live your best life.

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