Women of a Certain Age

Stop Worrying About Aging…

“Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.”
-Sonja Henie

Do you have some exquisite pieces of body adornment and more importantly, do you wear them? Too often we have a beautiful necklace or pair of earrings that we are “saving for a special occasion”. I’m here to tell you that moment has arrived. Be-jewel yourself, stop worrying about your age spots, now is special.

Why Do You Believe What You Believe?

“I realized I actually had a choice in what I could believe.”

-Kathryn Stockett

Are you caught up in what the national news wants you to think and believe or have you formed your own thoughts and opinions? I once had a gym teacher advise me to not believe most of everything I heard and only half of what I read. It opened up my world to so many more possibilities and turned it into a much brighter, positive place.

What Lights Your Fuse?

“We anoint their fuses with a tiny amount of fire, and they come alive, playing out  their life span in a matter or seconds. In  those few seconds a crack in the universe is opened, giving us a glimpse of the energy locked within all matter.”

-Bob Weaver

What do you need to light your fuse? – Not in an angry, get mad kind of way, but what is locked up inside of you that you need to let loose and share, in all its magnificence, to the world? Let it shine,  let it shine, let it shine!

Are You Smiling?

“If she’s smiling, I know all is right in the world. Her face is the sun in my life.”
Bridget McManus/comedienne

Did you know you could have that effect on others? Ms. McManus made that comment
about someone specific in her life however, we all light up when we see a smiling face. It’s
hard not to and we are drawn to smiles like bears to honey. If we see a frown, we’re not
sure we want to know why and we often avoid someone who looks upset. No matter what’s
going on with us, it sometimes feels like we just can’t take in their misery or troubles. Even
though it might make us feel guilty, we’ll avoid interaction at all cost.

On the other hand, when we see a smile, we want to know more. We’re curious, interested, hopeful, full of anticipation. There’s no bad news lurking behind a smile.

So, when you feel good, share it!

Let’s Talk Underwear

“Underwear is simply another accessory – both practical and decorative.”
-Barbara L Cummings

What’s in your underwear drawer? Are there panties in there that you would really be
embarrassed about if you were in an accident? Does the idea of a matching bra and
underpants set leave you puzzled? Are you saving the one lacey little piece of something for
some “special” moment with a particular person (perhaps yet to be named)??

I say getting up every morning counts as a “special” moment and YOU are a particularly fine

Here is your assignment:

  • Go through your underwear drawer and get rid of anything that you wouldn’t
    want anyone else to see
  • Go shopping – it doesn’t have to be a high-end lingerie boutique (although it is
    fun to look around in there!). TJ Maxx has lovely undies at very reasonable
  • Buy at least one item that you consider outrageous.
  • Every morning, for a week, put your new frillies, lacies, whatever lights you up,
    on under your clothes and go out into the world knowing that you are especially
    yummy and luscious underneath and no one else knows! (If you are married or
    in a relationship, dress for yourself in the morning. I’d share it in the evening
    with that special guy.)

Have fun and let me know how it goes – I’d love to hear from you!

Your Voice

I recently heard a “Tweetable” quote from Kris Carr (Crazy, Sexy Diet, www.crazysexylife.com) …

“It’s not about finding your voice, it’s about giving yourself permission to use your voice.”

Holy Cow, did that resonate with me because it is so true! We all have a voice. If you doubt that, think about the one in your head – you know, the one you have a hard time shutting up! Think about the monologue that goes on all day. If you are like me, there is a running commentary about everything.

Even better, notice how quickly you are to voice your opinion to someone  (especially if they are a family member.) We will lecture someone on the virtues, pros, cons, dangers, etc. with abandon. Yes, we all have a voice and it is distinctively and uniquely our own – even if we are agreeing with someone else, we add our own twist.

Still, we read about women not finding their voice … when it’s not lost. I suggest that it is covered in shame, similar to eating ice cream at night, home alone, so no one will see. It is unacknowledged. We conveniently send a mixed message, “Listen to me, but it’s ok if you want to refute what I say – in fact, I expect you to and that’s ok, because I don’t really have anything very important to say …” (hence, the need to eat ice cream, at night, alone – but that’s a topic for another blog!).

It’s not just about giving permission to use our voices. It’s about celebrating our voices. Knowing deep in ourselves that we have a right to our voice, that we can love it, embrace it. We can edit our voice, not because it’s “wrong”, but because we are shifting our point of view.

We all have something to offer and the only way to get it out there is to voice it! Keeping it in is selfish.

You have no idea who needs you to use your voice so that their life will be improved.

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